Alanya is one of the most popular touristic towns in Turkey with its 72 km beachline, beautiful nature and historical sites. It lies between Mediterranean Sea and Taurus Mountains. Alanya is a very dynamic town with its happy inhabitants. With the love of locals and also new Alanians who choose Alanya as their second home, Alanya has been developing in a positive direction.

Alanya has been home to many civilizations in the history. It has been located between Pampylia and Clicia and has been named after them. Also Alanya has been winter capital city for Seljukian Empire. Seljukian Sultan has built the 6.5 km long castle wall with 140 towers, 400 cisterns. Today Red Tower, the ancient shipyard and Alanya Castle are the symbols of Alanya.

With its compact structure Alanya offers you all.. History, culture, sea, sandy beaches, Taurus mountains, fresh fruits and vegetables, a good infra structure, social life, and Turkish hospitality..


We can summarize Alanya economy with 2 words; tourism & agriculture.

Alanya gets 10 % of all tourists coming to Turkey thanks to its good infrastructure and 190.000 hotel beds. Alanya is a leading destination in Turkey for many tourists travelling to Turkey. More than 3 million tourists visit Alanya each year, which is a big boost for the economy of Alanya.

Alanya has a very high potential of agriculture of production. In greenhouses and also in open fields Alanya farmers grow all kinds of vegetables, oranges and lemon. And with its microclimate Alanya is one of the few areas in Turkey where banana and avocado can be produces in big amounts.

Most of agricultural production is exported abroad and also other cities of Turkey. Harvests are done all around the year with different types of products and always provide an enormous income for Alanya economy.

Demand for living in Alanya supported construction business and Alanya companies have specialized in building high quality residential complexes. And city authorities also paid attention to the needs of home buyers coming from different countries and cultures.

Alanya has 2 universities and in these universities there are more than 11.000 students. Having these students and academic staff, social life in Alanya has been more and more busy and offering a lot of events and places where Alanya people can have a good time and enjoy Alanya.