As Cimrin Construction every project we have developed has been a beautiful story having a lot of meaning both for us and also for our customers. We have also aimed to build relationships as well as homes.

After having built our 5 star hotel Sunprime C-Lounge in Oba,Alanya in 2015; we have been searching for a good plot which had to be at a top location to build a residential complex.

We have bought this very valuable and perfectly located plot in the centre of Alanya very close to Cleopatra Beach just after it had been presented to us. We used adequate time to plan it with our architect and technical team. We named it C-Lounge Cleopatra Residence.

C-Lounge Cleopatra Residence has been planned as a spectacular living complex in the heart of Alanya with many indoor and outdoor facilities for its owners combined with technology & smart home systems as well as high health & safety standards. All these standards and qualities also mean a very high rental potential which makes C-Lounge Cleopatra Residence even a better investment as well as being a complex for your own living. 

As Cimrin Construction  we are committed to provide our customers with our services and also continue the management of C-Lounge Cleopatra Residence after completion. We think that this is essential in order to keep the services and maintenance running regularly.

We are inviting you to live in Alanya in the top location at your new home C-Lounge Cleopatra Residence.